JUNE 1: Icefit The Box X Oversized Lifting Club Joint training

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Our Open Gym gives you the opportunity to train on your own terms, when it suits you best. With our top-quality equipment from recognized brands such as Eleiko, Concept 2 and Rogue, you are guaranteed a first-class training experience. You have the freedom to tailor your training and explore different exercises and techniques.

Our Open Gym is separate from the team hall, so you always have the opportunity to train undisturbed and with music without it affecting the team training in the hall next door.

Via our practical app, you lock yourself into our facilities and you can train at any time, as we are open every day from 04:00 to 23:00.

Whether you are an experienced athlete or simply want to train at your own level, our Open Gym is the ideal place for you to achieve your training goals. Come and experience the freedom and flexibility of Open Gym at ICEFIT The Box!