ALL GUIDES / TEES / 180-189

180 cm, 72 kg
"M fits perfectly as it is oversized and gives the fit I want to achieve"

- Christian Nielsen

180 cm, 80 kg
"L is perfect as a pump cover!"

- Laura Ravn

180 cm, 85 kg
"L fits me well, gives an oversized look"

- Wild

183 cm, 83 kg
"L fits perfectly – I don't train in anything else"

- Kasper

186 cm, 84 kg
"L fits perfectly. It's not too small and not too big but covers just as it should."

- Michael

182 cm, 94 kg
"L fits oversized, just as it should, but when you put on a good pump and tighten the back, it's still clear you're training"

- Nick Sepasgozar

184 cm, 91 kg
"The L in the tee fits super nicely and gives the perfect oversized fit"

- Tobias Brandt Jensen

188 cm, 103 kg
"XL tee, use it for everything - from work to training, or just the couch. It doesn't matter at all when a tee can feel like a "home" to wear!"

- Boie Andersen

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